Future Participants

Are you considering participating in the CASCADE study?

About the study

Who can participate?

  • Women and men with a known genetic variant connected to hereditary breast and ovarian cancer or «Lynch syndrome».
  • Individuals older than 18 years, who reside in Switzerland and have at least one living blood relative.

Concrete procedure for participation in the study

If you are interested to learn more about the study, we will send you detailed information and an informed consent form. Participation is divided into three different steps:

First step:
You will receive a questionnaire, which can be filled out either online or in paper form. This is mandatory for taking part in the study.

Second step:
In both the consent form and the questionnaire, you can indicate whether you would be willing to invite relatives to participate in the study. However, this is not a condition for participation and communication with your relatives will be through you alone.

Third step:
In the consent form, you can also indicate whether you would be willing to participate in an interview or group discussion about family communication and hereditary cancer. We may also ask your opinion about a new website we are creating for families with hereditary cancer risk based on information from previous participants. This is again not a condition for participation.

We can either send you the consent form by post (including the return envelope) if you wish to give your address in the contact form. Otherwise, we can also send you the document by email.

We would be very pleased about your participation in the study. The information that you share is very important and will help us improve the services we provide to families with hereditary cancer risk.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone (061 207 59 85) or e-mail (swisscascade-nursing@unibas.ch).