Project status

The study was approved by the Ethics Committee (BASEC ID: 2016-02052). A feasibility study was supported by the Research Fund of the University of Basel. Since January 2018, the CASCADE study has been funded by the Swiss Cancer League.
To date, 350 individuals have participated in the study, 278 women and 72 men. Almost all have agreed to be part of the cohort and will be contacted again within the next 5 years. If you’re considering participating in the study, click here. Recruitment takes place in the cantons of Basel-Stadt, Berne, Geneva, Jura, and Ticino. The second survey will be sent in March 2020, starting from the canton of Basel-Stadt and followed by other cantons.
Almost 20 persons have already shared their experiences with us in individual interviews or group discussions from German and Italian speaking regions. Individual interviews and focus groups will continue to take place in the following months, including French speaking regions.
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New project

We would like to thank all participants for their support. The information you shared gave us valuable insights. We are using these insights to create a new website for families with a genetic predisposition for cancer. The website will provide information about cancer genetics and risk management, decision support, and communication of genetic test results among families. The Swiss National Science Foundation recognized the importance of this work and supports the development of the website with further funding. Moreover, the Swiss National Science Foundation supported a collaboration with South Korea for the K-CASCADE study, which will be based on our own Swiss CASCADE.


The CASCADE consortium organized a workshop with international experts to discuss the challenges of Cascade Genetic Screening in Switzerland. The workshop report describes the main findings of the workshop leading the CASCADE study.
The workshop report describes the main findings of the workshop leading the CASCADE study.
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Study Protocol

The Protocol Paper describes the methodological approach of the CASCADE study and ensures transparency and scientific integrity. In addition, this article draws the scientific community’s attention to our research activities. We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the contribution of our research partners to the scientific development of the CASCADE study.
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