CASCADE Consortium

Mission and goals of the CASCADE Consortium

The CASCADE Consortium is a working association of researchers, clinicians, community professionals, project personnel, and students from various health-oriented disciplines, such as, but not limited to anthropology, biostatistics, communication, epidemiology, ethics, genetics, health services research, medicine, nursing, psychology, public health, and sociology, who are committed to the mission of the Consortium.

The mission of the CASCADE Consortium is to develop a collaborative group of researchers, clinicians, and educators across institutions, committed to fostering the design and implementation of research related to cancer predisposition cascade genetic screening in Switzerland.

The goal of the CASCADE Consortium is to create an interactive environment that:

  • Supports research related to cancer predisposition genetic screening and related cancer care continuum.
  • Fosters collaboration among professionals involved in cancer predisposition research and clinical care.
  • Disseminates scientific advancements and new knowledge to scientists, practitioners, patients, families, healthcare institutions, and involved stakeholders.
  • Fosters the development of cancer predisposition researchers and clinicians through mentorship, access to existing datasets, and collaborative studies.

Collaboration with the CASCADE Consortium and the CASCADE Cohort

The current composition of these bodies is described in Appendix 3.

If you would like to become a member of the Research Consortium please submit to the Chairperson ( a 2 page Curriculum Vitae and a Motivation Letter in English (max. 1 page).